Who Are You? - Introduction

Who Are You?
- George H. Warnock


This writing is about SPIRITUAL WARFARE, but with particular reference to the Day of the LORD, that great Day of God Almighty, when God assembles all the hordes of evil together in open confrontation with Him who is called "Faithful and True," who leads the armies of Heaven into battle.

I do not write on a regular basis, but only as I feel definitely impressed of the Lord to do so. Therefore I have confidence that God has a people out there who are going to be helped and encouraged and challenged by this word.

These are very awesome times, and it is not mere knowledge or understanding that we really need--not even of the Bible. But we need that creative Word out from the mouth of God, if indeed we are going to be able to embrace it as a living seed that will become PREGNANT within us, and bring forth after its kind.

It was after ministering the substance of this message some weeks ago that I felt very much impressed to put it in writing. I did not know what I was to call it. It was not till I wrote the very last line (though I did add portions here and there throughout the book later) that I suddenly realized what the title was to be. It is a challenge from heavenly places as to our identity. Let us search for our identity in the heavenly Zion. If we do not find it there, whatever we are down here will not matter that much.

-- George H. Warnock -- March 15, 1985 --


Chapter 1 - The Armies of Heaven
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