George H. Warnock - Reflections Along the Way

Reflections Along the Way

By the early 50’s the "move of the Spirit" had gone far and wide… especially in the USA, and some overseas countries. Many large churches began to embrace what God was doing, and it wasn’t long until the movement began to be known as "The Latter Rain Movement" -- though to my knowledge there never was any organization formed to embrace those who partook of this blessing.

I believe God’s intention was to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, meeting the needs of His people…who came together to drink of the Fountain of Life, and to partake of the Bread of Life. I believe God purposely designed it this way. It was not intended to become another denomination. But invariably men will try to put a "name tag" on what God is doing. Is it not enough that we are Christians? That we love the Lord Jesus? And love the brethren?

It wasn’t long until the move of God began to infiltrate the large post-reformation churches, and some saw fit to give it a name that was more prestigious -- The Charismatic Movement. I am not denying that God continued to move in many lives in this movement. But really I had no desire, nor prompting from the Lord to get involved in any of the branches of the Latter Rain or Charismatic movements. I am sure the Lord spared me from all of that. I continued at my trade as a carpenter. During that time and after I laid down my tools -- I have written other books (which are posted here on this web site). I seek to make the Lord Jesus Himself, to be my doctrine, for He alone is the Living Truth. Yes, I believe in "sound doctrine." Dr Strong says the word "sound" means "healthful." It is really a living Word from the heart of the Lord Jesus, who is Himself "The Truth". Inasmuch as we know Him, to that extent do we know The Truth.

I would encourage God’s people not to be so caught up with books on "cults" that you fail to know Him who is The Truth. When a new employee in a bank came to the manager, asking if he had false currency he could study -- his reply was simply: "You study the real currency…then you will be able to detect the false." Only the Truth will make one free. If you make the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life…the false will have no attraction for you. The artificial rose may look exactly like the living rose -- but it is dead. We have had a rash of $100. bills circulating here in Canada. It looks very, very much like the one that was issued by our Government: it shows the face of the Queen, the statement "One Hundred Dollars"…and all the other marks of a genuine bill. Now because it was so easy to duplicate they have come up with a window…as you hold it up to the light you will see an image that would be very hard to duplicate. The false currency is not worth $99.00 because it lacks certain markings….it is totally false, totally worthless, And so I give a word of caution to God’s people who feel confident that they have knowledge and understanding to discern between the true and the false. The only way we will do this is by knowing the Lord Jesus so well, by walking in the Light -- that the counterfeit will be clearly seen as false. Hold it up to the Light! If you are walking in the Light…you will know whether your currency is "good or evil". If you are not "walking in the Light"…you may settle for the artificial rose because they can even cause it to smell right these days. It’s not complicated: Walk with Jesus and love Him, and you will never fall into deception. Your "covering" of some apostle, prophet or teacher -- will fail you. Your "covering" of some church organization -- will fail you. But the covering of the blood of Jesus, and of the cloud of His presence -- will never fail you.

These are very awesome times, as the powers of darkness settle down upon the earth…darkness that is probably more dense than it has ever been in Church history. Jesus is the Light, and He will have a people in this world of darkness -- walking in the Light, as He is in the Light. Jesus did not say that some of the elect were going to be deceived. He said rather, that the deception that will be upon the earth will be so great, that "if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Matt. 24:24) The Lord knoweth them that are His, and He intercedes for them as He did for Peter…that our faith fail not in the hour of great temptation. We know God will have a ‘body’…a corporate Body of Christ in the earth. This corporate people will be comprised of individuals who are walking close to Him. Be assured of this: the true minister of God will invariably lift up and exalt the Lord Jesus only.

And after "Moses and Elijah" have finished their ministry in speaking of the suffering Christ -- they fade away in the Cloud of God’s Presence, and they see "Jesus only." And there is a voice from heaven saying; "This is my beloved Son, hear ye Him."