"Feed My Sheep" - Preface

"Feed My Sheep"
- George H. Warnock


As the title of this booklet would suggest, it is an appeal especially to those who are called of God to minister to the "sheep of His pasture." But we would encourage the sheep to read it also, for they need to know the things that are written here. Besides, as we shall observe later on, there is no difference between a sheep and a shepherd, as far as their character is concerned. For God's true shepherds are sheep before they become shepherds; and they continue to be sheep AFTER they have become shepherds. Once we recognize this principle, the barriers that have been erected to segregate the sheep from the shepherds are torn down, and the sheep and the shepherds alike find themselves in one common fold of the Chief Shepherd. For the difference between them is simply one of "calling" in the Body of Christ. In character and in nature the sheep and the shepherd are identical.

We do not intend in this writing to explore in detail the areas of truth related to the shepherding of the flock of God, but rather to bring to the surface certain aspects of Truth that are often neglected, but which are absolutely vital to the people of God who are seeking to become obedient and loyal subjects of His Kingdom. For God is certainly preparing for Himself a people who will walk in total union with Himself: a people who will speak only His words, do only His works, and walk only in His ways. Falling short of this we fall short of God's desire for His people... regardless how great our calling may be, or how mighty the gift or the Word that we may minister. Nor must we shrink back because of the greatness of His calling... for He is able to bring us in and to fulfill every desire of His heart within us, as we believe Him for it, and embrace the Truth that He implants within our hearts.

-- George H. Warnock --

Chapter 1 - The Call of the Shepherd
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