Evening and Morning - Preface

Evening and Morning
- George H. Warnock


In this time of spiritual visitation God would remind His people over and over again that He is consistently seeking to draw them into direct, unhindered union with Himself, that through them He might reveal His glory unto the nations. Whenever forms of truth, and religious structures and systems are emphasized, the people of God are invariably bogged-down in human contrivances that will eventually lead them nowhere. Proper doctrines and methods and structures we will always require, but God wants us to know that the structure of His Church is just as much an outgrowth of the Law of Life (and therefore just as much subject to change), as is the case in any other living thing that He has created. If there is LIFE, then there must needs be GROWTH, and CHANGE, and TRANSFORMATION--otherwise God's purpose in imparting that life has not been fulfilled.

This is the particular emphasis of this writing, and one that we believe is very needful in this hour. God is doing a NEW THING in the earth, and man's attempt to re-establish some religious structure of the past, useful as it may have been in another day, is vain and futile. Truth is unchangeable... as unchangeable as the Living Christ, who is indeed the Way, the Truth, and the Life. But Truth has been planted in the earth, to CHANGE the people of God, and to lead them forward and upward into the ever-unfolding desires of His own heart.

This writing has been out of print for several years now; but with the help of God's people we are able to send it forth again, believing that it will bring new vision and illumination to many.

-- April, 1979 -- The Author --


Chapter 1 - Unfolding Revelation
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