Crowned With Oil - Introduction

Crowned with Oil
- George H. Warnock


Many times we may pick up a book nod read it, admit that what we have read is good and scriptural, and then begin to wonder: "What did this book do for me? Has it produced in me a greater measure of the life of Christ? Or imparted to me a greater desire to walk in obedience, and to draw closer to His bract?"

Perhaps we are not always able to answer questions like that in a precise manner, But if what we are reading causes our hearts to burn within us, as with the disciples who walked with the Stranger along the road to Emmaus, I think we can be assured that God is working in our lives, even though there may remain a lot of perplexity as to His ways. For this is a day of doubt and perplexity for many of God's people who truly desire to please Him, but who have not been able to understand the tangled threads and the dead-end pathways which they fully expected would have brought them into a life of fruitfulness in the Kingdom of God.

And so here is another writing. Like my other writings it is not intended to set forth doctrinal positions as such, but to give increased hope and courage to those who see the "more excellent Way", but try as they may are finding it difficult to get away from the trail of fallen trees and ruts and rocks, and onto the Freeway of Life. We know the highway is there, and it is easy enough to see it. But only by an operation of the Spirit in our lives are we going to he enabled to break through the high fence of religious works and man's systems (out there in the world, or deep within our own natures), to walk with Him in the Way.

God wants us to know that our High Priest is enthroned in a "more excellent ministry" in the heavens, and the Spirit of God is here in the earth to fully invade our lives, and to lead at into this "more excellent Way".

-- George H. Warnock --


Chapter 1 - Reigning In Life
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