Just Content to be a Son

Just Content to be a Son
- From Feed My Sheep

Just content to be a son
With no ambition to succeed
In realms of earth, and have no need
Of popularity's acclaim,
Or purchase for myself a name
In serving Christ; for He must be
The Lord throughout eternity.
To see His face and hear His voice,
And do His bidding is my choice.

Just content to be a son,
A son of God without a home,
To stay, or go, or wait, or roam...
Hither and yon without a plan,
Led of the Spirit, not of man.
I'll have no monument of praise,
But I'll have peace in God's own ways;
And though I tread this earthly sod,
I'll walk with Him, I live in God.

Just content to be a son,
Misunderstood, and yet I know
The path I take shall overflow
With life abundant and with grace.
I only need to run the race
With patience, waiting, seeing Him...
Hearing the still small voice within.
If others want the earth to quake...
I'll hear His voice when I awake.

Just content to be a son,
No words to say... but what He says;
No work to do... but what He does;
No fear or worry, anxious care,
I live with Him, His yoke I share...
No name to make, He writes His own
Upon the heart's pure glistening stone;
No life to live, I lay it down,
I'll share His cross... and live again.