A Helpless Babe Exposed to the Wrath of Herod

A Helpless Babe Exposed to the Wrath of Herod
- From The Hyssop that Springeth Out of the Wall

In the story of Christ we have the most beautiful example of all, as to the weakness and the foolishness of God. Incarnation in itself was an act whereby the Mighty God of Jacob became weak. But God would add a few finishing touches to make His "weakness" even weaker. The Child would be born to a defenseless, humble couple and would not have the protection that royalty is generally entitled to. This defenseless Child would be placed in the hands of a young woman, a virgin, to nurture and care for until He became of age. Further, they would not be secluded in a little town in Galilee; but because of the decree of the governor the couple would have to journey to Bethlehem for registration. While there the Promised One who would bruise the Serpent's head would be born, But the Serpent had active control of the most powerful empire the world had seen up to that time, and the king issued a decree to slay all the young males anywhere in the vicinity of Bethlehem and surrounding areas. Unknown to the "god of this world" everything that he was inspiring his evil servants to do was coinciding exactly with God's eternal purpose, and helping to bring about Satan's own destruction.

There are so many, many illustrations in the Scripture of God's strategy of war that it seems strange that the Church has lost sight of it. When will the Church of Christ come to the realization that God does not save by sword or by spear, and that it is "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord"?

God always delights in using the weak things of the world to bring to nought the things that are strong; and the base and the despised things of the world to overthrow the wisdom of the wise.

The Mighty God who hangs the world upon nothing does not hesitate to suspend the full weight of His purposes from an invisible, silken thread of His own wisdom!